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The tradition of a superior quality product

Who we are Who we are

Our products are exclusively made with carefully selected swine in the best farms.
The fat is removed from the meat and prepared manually, following the best tradition, and wisely flavoured by adding natural spices.
The quality of meat and the care used following every stage of production, are a warranty of superior quality.

Valserio ham producer is a family industry active in the transformation of meat, founded in 1979 by Mr. Vaccario Cesare, and has its head office in Ripalta Cremasca near Cremona. The owner of the Valserio Industry can boast a thirty-year experience in the sector of swine, first as a breeder and a butcher, then also in the specialisation of the production of boiled ham.

From the start, Mr. Vaccario has clearly set the objectives of his career as an entrepreneur.
The product's concept of tradition and wholesome quality demonstrate the family's crucial role as both a social reality as part of a well defined contest and as a union of human resources and ability. All this elements have contributed to the development and the success of the firm. Year after year, Valserio stuck to this vision, enriched and developed during the years and encouraged by the state of the market.

Compared to the first years, Valserio has grown principally thanks to the ability and the knowledge, of both the owner and of human resources and also thanks to the good work carried out within the firm.